Carlos Beltran Sends A Goodbye Gift To GKR

I thought this was a cool video that ties in with this post and our Carlos Beltran Appreciation Week! 

Original Post: Baseball Musings: GKR At The Pepsi Porch 

How many of you watched the Thursday afternoon game with all the colored T-Shirts on the kids so they wouldn’t get lost, and stay with their groups?

Or what about Wednesday, when the game was worth watching to see the opening of something else?

I’m speaking of the Gary, Keith and Ronnie Pepsi porch where they discovered another world and loved it. Keith mentioned the breeze several times, Ronnie had his glove – just in case – and Gary was sort of the moderator and kept oohing and aahing at the view from the top.

It was a small group that assembled there with the principals, some press, and vendors who made sure that the stars didn’t go hungry. 

Keith was the one to watch for the way he prepares a hot dog – you’ve just got to see it. (Watch it here)

Later when Carlos Beltran lofted one into the porch – there was food all around. The kid who caught the ball, came down and asked the crew to autograph the ball, and they did, no mention of $$$ was heard.

You would have thought that the ‘stars’ were kids again and isn’t that how it should be at the ball game?

Once in a while when they can get out of their office and sit in heaven as my niece Hilary used to call the top tier at Shea.

Baseball as it ought to be at Citi Field on a sunny Summer Day – Perfect.