Bobby Ojeda and Kerel Cooper On Gee’s Chances To Win Rookie of The Year

Dillon Gee has been an amazing surprise for the Mets in 2011.  Gee had an extraordinary start to his first half before tiring as we neared the All Star break. However, on Tuesday night, Gee pitched a heck of a game on his way to his ninth victory of the season. Now that he is back on the right track, does he have a shot at winning NL Rookie of the Year honors?

Kerel Cooper of the great Mets video blog On The Black, attacks that question in this video.

Kerel makes some solid points. For Gee to be a clear cut favorite in the race, he needs to duplicate that same success he had during the first half of the season. If he can do that, he stands a good chance.

Guys like Danny Espinosa and Craig Kimbrel are potential favorites for the award and are also having solid if not spectacular rookie seasons.

During tonight’s game against the Cardinals, SNY Mets analyst Bob Ojeda held a chat during the 3rd inning.  I was fortunate enough to have my question about Dillon Gee (and the possibility of being NL ROTY) answered by the former Mets starter. 

An interesting assessment by Bobby O.

Overall, if Dillon Gee wants to win the NL ROTY, he needs to continue to perform at his best and work on lowering his ERA a bit. The people who vote on these awards won’t just look at his wins, but everything else as well.

Like Kerel said, I hope he has continued success and hopefully he can do it and cop that award.

Do you think Dillon Gee will win the NL Rookie of the Year?  Do you agree with Kerel and Bobby O’s comments?