A Closer Look At In-House Closing Options For The Mets

Trading Krod definitely hurts the Mets Chances of making a run this season.  But, as we all know it was a trade that had to happen. There are not many options in the immediate future to replace the now former all-star Mets closer.  Terry Collins has not named his replacement as of yet, but you would assume it it someone who is already on the current roster.

As you look at the teams current roster shows that there are not many realistic options. But, looking at the bullpen, there are really only 3 options on the big league roster capable of potently closing games.

1. Jason Isringhausen: Izzy has the most experience of the leftover bullpen candidates. He has saved almost 300 games in his career, but his career is coming to a close. He can barely pitch back to back games now, and his stuff is no longer what it once was. His experiences and pitching know how is what mostly gets him through innings now. His Curve ball can still be an effective weapon.

2. Bobby Parnell: Parnell has the most electric stuff in the pen. He routinely hits triple digits on the radar gun. He has been much better since returning for the DL and a brief stint in the minors. He is learning how to be an effective pitcher in the bigs. Once he learns how to consistently throw his slider over for strikes, he is going to be very tough to hit. He could be the closer of the future if he learns how to do that. With Izzy a trade candidate and not part of the future, look for Parnell to get some shots at closing games in the second half.

3. Pedro Beato: Beato was a major find as a rule 5 pick by Alderson this past off season. His stuff is very good, and he has good control. Why would the Rockies let this guy walk for nothing with their bullpen issues? Beato was unhittable early in the season, until he landed on the DL. He struggled initially after his return, but has regained his early season form and is pitching like a potential set up man. At just 24 years old, that would be a huge find for the Mets.

Despite the fact that Krod was traded, we still are in this thing. As of today we are still mathematically in the race, and if we continue to hover around .500, we will most likely be in it a month from now. Whoever steps in to close games will be vital the teams success in the second half. No matter how important Krod was to the success of this team. His $17.5M price tag was such a negative for next seasons progress that he had to go.

Who do you think is the best candidate to get he first shot at closing games? Who do you think will be the most successful? Can we still compete without a dominant closer?

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