3 Up & 3 Down -The Yank This Edition

I want to start off by saying I truly despise and detest not only the New York Yankees, but their fans as well. I’m not one of these writers who is worried about being “classy”, or tipping my cap to a worthy opponent. I just don’t like anything that has to do with Yankees. Having said that, the Yankees take two of three games this weekend at Citi Field. The Mets finish a nine games stretch playing all three American League Division winners going 5-4, and now its off to California. Here are the 3 Up and 3 Down from this series.

3 Up:

1) Bay’s Big Hit: Bases loaded in the 10th inning on Sunday afternoon, Jason Bay delivers a key hit to centerfold to score the winning run for the Mets! Its’ good to see Bay come up with a huge hit, and also of note, Mo Rivera had a blown save.

2) Our All Stars: Well, voters in the National League got it right by electing Jose Reyes as the starting shortstop. It remains to be seen whether or not Reyes will play in the game, but if there was any player who deserved to be elected to the team, it’s without a doubt Jose Reyes. Also congrats to Carlos Beltran for making the team as a reserve. The Mets have gotten so much more out of Beltran than anyone could have expected.

3) Reyes Being Aggressive: I’m thinking about the play Friday night, when Reyes tried to go from 1st to 3rd on a fly ball to center. Reyes tagged at first and easily got to second. When the ball was mishandled in the field, Reyes tried advancing to third but was thrown out. Good hustle, and without the big bats in the line up this is how the Mets need to play.

4 Honorable Mention: A rare 4th Up! Props to Gary Cohen on Friday night for mentioning a study that had been done superimposing the footprint of Yankee Stadium over the footprint of Citi. Cohen went to mention that over 40% (I believe 49% was the exact figure), of the home runs hit at Yankee Stadium, would have stayed in the park at Citi Field. Gary, at least in my opinion was inferring that the Yankee power numbers were inflated. It’s always nice to hear Gary, or Howie Rose take shots at the Yankees.

3 Down:

1) The Ump Is Blind: Home plate umpire Jerry Layne in this case, who called Jose Reyes out at third Friday night, although there was no possible way he could have clearly seen the play. Not only did Layne refused to ask his fellow umpires for help on the call, and ejected Terry Collins from the game for arguing. Replays clearly showed A-Rod never tagged Reyes. Interestingly, on Sunday Yankees manager Joe Girardi argued a similar call on a runner caught in a rundown. The only difference was Murphy clearly tagged the runner out on Sunday.

2) Reyes’ Hammy: Jose left the game on Saturday after feeling tightness in his hamstring. Early Sunday night it was reported that Reyes had a grade 1 type pull (the lowest possible grade). Speaking on SNY’s post game show, Terry Collins said he was unsure whether Reyes will play tomorrow night, especially after tonight’s long flight to Hollywood.

3) Dickey’s Glute: R.A. Dickey left the game on Sunday after 5 innings after experiencing tightness in his left glute. I guess we could say say he had a pain in the rear. One thing is certain the Mets do not need anymore injuries and we hope R.A. is well enough to go in his next start.

Happy 4th of July one and all!!