Wright Hopefully Not Going Anywhere

If the Mets could only keep one of their young superstars to be the face of the franchise for the next decade, would you choose Jose Reyes or David Wright?

This is a very difficult question since each comes with a certain price tag and skillset.

In a perfect world, the Mets will be able to sign both players long-term—Reyes this offseason and Wright next offseason—in an attempt to keep two of the organization’s best home-grown players with the franchise for their entire careers.

Regardless of this question, there’s one thing I’m starting to get a little annoyed with, and that’s Mets fans clamoring for the team to trade Wright.

The murmurings of a Reyes trade were ubiquitous not too long ago, but since both he and the team have taken off, those rumors have died down. However, in lieu of Daniel Murphy—despite his recent struggles—Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada playing well, some Mets fans think that Wright returning healthy will have a similar effect as to when Carlos Beltran returned after last year’s All-Star break.

Basically, what these fans are saying is that the team would be better off without Wright, and he is thus expendable via trade.

I would have to wholeheartedly disagree in this case.

While I’ve become a big fan of Turner, Murphy and Tejada, their production combined does not equal a healthy David Wright. We have to remember that part of the reason Wright struggled earlier this season was because he was playing injured.

Yes, Wright strikes out a ton, and yes, Wright sometimes isn’t the most clutch player.

But David Wright is still one of the leaders of this Mets team.

Since it’s looking like Ike Davis may miss the remainder of the season, Wright’s return won’t shake up the entire lineup. Murphy will remain at first, while Turner and Tejada split time at second. Who knows? Maybe one of these players will come back down to earth and benefit from a stint in the minors.

The thing with Wright is that I want to see him FULLY healthy before attempting his return. He is probably itching to get back into the game, but as we saw with Beltran coming back too soon last season, seeing Wright struggle everyday may be bad for the team chemistry.

As it stands, sitting at one game over .500 is not the defining factor that turns this team into a contender. They are still in need of a run where they rattle off eight or nine wins out of 10 games.

But having a healthy David Wright back in the lineup will take some of the pressure off Reyes and Beltran and create a more balanced attack.

Surprisingly, the offense has shown some good pop over the last week. Just imagine if Wright was around to join in on the action.

So to the Mets fans that think Wright is not part of this team’s future, think again.

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