Why Is Bay In Todays Lineup?

Minus the large contract, what reason does Jason Bay have to be in the lineup for Saturday’s game against the Pirates. From a platoon standpoint, Bay should be on the bench for Lucas Duda who mashes righties and has been crushing in Triple A. From a production standpoint, Bay hasn’t manufactured much in terms of extra base hits, or solid contact for that matter. So why?

Terry Collins said he was going to give Jason Bay a few days off, but why not bring him in against a lefty starter? James McDonald is a hard-throwing right hander with a fairly good breaking ball. Lucas Duda was called up for a reason, and that reason seems to be to hit at the big league level and provide some power, which Jason Bay hasn’t done.

Now, should Bay be benched for the better part of the next week? No, but unless an obvious change in his approach is seen, it doesn’t seem smart to trot him out there. The Mets have been floating without any Bay production and sinking when he tops a ball to third or strikes out on a breaking ball away