What About A Jason Bay for Adam Dunn Swap?

Jason Bay has been awful in his stay thus far with the Mets. I don’t even think in my worst dreams would I have thought that he would be this bad. When you start to think about trades, you immediately think that a guy like Jason Bay is not tradeable due to his hefty contract and lack of production. But, there are other guys who were signed to big contracts by other teams, who are also failing and could use a change of scenery.

Yesterday I was driving and listening to WFAN on the radio, and I heard a potential trade from someone of two under performing players that got me intrigued. The suggested trade was the Chicago White Sox struggling slugger Adam Dunn for our struggling slugger Jason Bay. This is not uncommon in baseball, or any sport for that matter. Players who are signed and struggle mightily in a new city or new league, are shopped around to other teams who have players in the same situation. The hope is generally that a change of scenery will help the players involved and get them back performing the way they are capable of.

Both players are signed through 2014, with Bay’s 2014 a team option with a 3.5M buyout. Bay makes 18M each of the next three seasons while while Dunn makes 14M next season and 15M in 2013-2014. Each player is in the midst of their worst professional season to date. Adam Dunn is hitting a paltry .176, with 5 homers and 23 RBI. He is struggling as the DH, as he adjusts to a new league and the fact that he is no longer playing the field anymore. Even with his terrible batting average, his run production is still more than double Bay’s, as Jason still sits on 2 home runs and 10 RBI.

With Adam Dunn’s elite power, hitting home runs out of Citi Field would be easy, he does not hit any cheap ones. He would also feel more comfortable batting in the NL where he has played his whole career. While he is a liability in the field, if you stuck him in left you could survive because he is average enough, and his offense would outweigh his defensive woes. As for Bay, what can you say. He plays hard, he runs hard and……he’s lost his stroke all together. He may get it back, but with it going on for the second consecutive season, if there’s a taker he needs to be gone.

Would you do this trade? If not, why not? Can you think of any other possible big contract, poor performance swaps?

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