We Need More Mets With Dickey’s Warrior Mentality

I have to give R.A. Dickey a lot of respect for what he did in his last start.  He went out there with a foot injury and made the best of it, despite giving up runs that eventually won the game for the Pirates. 

Call me crazy, but overall he pitched well despite the obvious pain as he grimaced almost every time his foot landed. Dickey gave the Mets seven shutout innings and a chance to win the ballgame, before he made one costly mistake that led to the Pirates rally in the eighth inning that won them the game.

For me, Dickey took the mound like a warrior going to battle. He showed the kind of fight I always hoped we’d see from Mike Pelfrey. When anyone goes out and toughs it out like Dickey did, it shows a team first mentality and an obvious love and passion for the game.

While I watched Jason Bay sitting on the bench that day, taking a scheduled day off to rest, it reinforced why I like R.A. Dickey as much as I do. I only wish we had more players that can match his intensity, loyalty and competitiveness.

This will be my last post for the rest of the month readers.  I am going to be graduating High School in a couple weeks, and its going to be crazy and hectic.  See you guys in July MMO!