The Mets Will Consider Scott Kazmir, Alderson Says

According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, the Mets are going to consider adding Scott Kazmir.

Martino added that usually Sandy Alderson dismisses speculation regarding players who hit the free-agent wire but this time, its a little different for the former Mets left-hander.

When asked about adding Scott Kazmir, Sandy Alderson said this.

“We look at everybody who hits the wire, and the same would apply to him.”

Original Post 1:38PM:

If the Mets decide to bring back Kazmir, its definitely going to great for the fans to see the lefty come back to queens where he should have been after July 31st, 2004.

We all remember the Victor Zambrano/Scott Kazmir trade back in 2004.  Yes, that was a the trade that bit us in the fanny at the time and burned many of us up.  It was one of the worst trades made by a Mets GM during the last decade.

Currently, Scott Kazmir is continuing to slide and is now struggling in the minors with his current rehab assignment.  As it stands right now, Kazmir could be on his way to being released by the Angels, according to MLB Trade Rumors.

My friends at the Rising Apple raised that the Mets should consider going after him.

That may sound crazy, but I agree with the points Matt Kaufman raises in his article. 

Buffalo does not have very much depth in their rotation right now.  The Mets just called up DJ Carrasco from Buffalo, as well as Dillon Gee, who was called up a month ago. By signing Kazmir, the Bisons’ rotation will add some much needed depth, which is definitely a plus. Kazmir will also need more time to recuperate and get back to the pitcher he once was with Tampa Bay.   

The young southpaw, would be a low-risk, high reward kind of player, much like Chris Capuano was in the offseason. The Mets could get Kazmir back for as little as $1 or $2 million dollars.  

It’s definitely something to consider. With a little time, and some hard work (or elbow grease), Kazmir could be back in the majors in a Mets uniform – something that should have happened in 2004.