Same Old Song, Davis Could Miss Rest Of Season

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Ike Davis is expected back in two weeks.

That was mid-May.

The news isn’t good for Davis, whom GM Sandy Alderson said could require season-ending surgery after a MRI today revealed cartilage damage along with the bone bruise.

Davis had been wearing a protective boot, and the hope is the blood flow in his leg will improve enough to allow him to start running in three weeks. If he can’t, then he’ll undergo surgery.

Davis told ESPN: “Obviously surgery is an athlete’s nightmare, but I’ve had one surgery on my wrist and it worked out really well and it came back better than I was before.

“If it’s going to get me on the field again, obviously that’s something we have to do. But, obviously, we’re going to get a second opinion and see if everything coincides with everything everyone says, and hopefully in three weeks I’m starting to run again.’’

Hopefully, that will be the case, but if not, let’s hope the Mets don’t do with Davis what they did with Carlos Beltran and drag out the process. None of this, “let’s give it another two weeks and see what happens.”

Had Beltran underwent surgery at mid-season in 2009 instead of pushing for a September comeback, it might have alleviated having the surgery on his own the following winter and subsequent spitting match with the front office, not to mention missing half of last season.

If Davis isn’t right in three weeks, then he should have surgery to avoid the possibility of missing part of the 2012 season. The sooner the better.

Don’t think that could happen? Then you haven’t been paying attention to the Mets’ medical history.

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