Ron Darling Talks About The State Of The Mets With Me

Monday night I had the chance to talk to Ron Darling once again. This time In The Game Collectibles brought him in for a signing at Park East.  There were a lot of people coming in to meet him and some were as young as 5 years old and as excited to meet him in person as everyone else was!

Now we all have our opinions on how the New York Mets are doing this year. Some say “Wow, what in the world are they doing?” while others are like “Hey, they are trying their best and playing hard”. But overall, half way through the season, I say the Mets are doing just fine! But what does Ron Darling have to say? “Simply put, they are a 500 team,” says Darling.

Lately Reyes has been absolutely phenomenal. He has put a charge into the line-up and just keeps racking up multi-hit games – it’s so amazing to watch him. Carlos Beltran has also surprised everyone and is once again a presence in the heart of the order. Darling had this to say about them, “The Mets have been lucky. Their two best players Beltran and Reyes have played fantastic. It is too bad that David Wright and Ike Davis are out because they could have really made a run.”

Even through the rough and tough patches this season as well as the good and fantastic times, the Mets have pulled it together and play like a team. Darling was telling me that he loves the Mets and is happy to be with them. “I am very proud of them. I think they play hard and I think they play well and they are exciting to watch to me. I do every game (broadcast) so I am happy and honored to be able to do their games. I just hope that when Wright and Davis come that they have a chance to make a run.”

Unfortunately, since I spoke with Ron, the news on Ike Davis looks bleak, but Wright has been cleared to resume baseball activities and will return shortly.

As for improvements, strengths and how the Mets will finish off the season, the video below will tell you all you need to know.

ALSO… did you know one of the “hot topics” that are discussed in the box between Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen are reality shows like The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Jersey Shore? Watch the video for more!!

PS: If you are a true Met fan like I am, stayed updated because In The Game Collectibles will be bringing Justin Turner, The New York Mets Future Star, to Park East in Hazlet, New Jersey July 17th. I know I will be there.

PSS: If you didn’t catch  my first interview with him here is the link!