Rome Wasn’t Built In One Day

As the season goes on, I find myself less and less interested in the 2011 New York Mets team. However, this is okay because is I believe we truly are going in the right direction.

Yes, there are inexplicable money issues. Yes, payroll will be going down in 2012.  It won’t be 100 million though. Figure in the 115-120 million range. This allows for very little spending in the offseason after arbitration cases are paid.

The new “speculation” is that the Mets will now keep Jose Reyes and trade David Wright. Yea alright but didn’t these same reporters recently say Jose Reyes was basically already traded?

Like if it was a football game you guys were about to punch it in with the fullback. Now your recovering a fumble in the end-zone and throwing a Madden like hail mary for a touchdown on the next play. Grasping at straws much? Now Alderson loves Reyes and is in trade David Wright mode. I’m officially lost.

I’ve been saying Reyes will be a Met in 2012 all season… Now people are starting to realize maybe we should hang onto him. Ya think? He’s THE most exciting player in baseball.

You are putting shameful crowds in the seats every single home game. Maybe we should hang onto one of the three best shortstops in MLB (Tulo, Hanley, Reyes). Sense the sarcasm seeping out of my pores.

Listen, I fully believe Sandy Alderson and Co. will do what’s right in restoring a NY franchise in need of serious fixing. Everyone just needs to take a deep breath and think silently, or out loud if that’s your sort of thing, and remember the Mets are in a NY market. They will regain value eventually. Who the owner is we can only guess. But at the end of the day remember we got a war general leading us now. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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