Pirates Sink Mets Offense In 3-1 Loss

Game Summary

Pelf puts up a strong start, bullpen was 2/3rds good, and offense was already backing their bags. Mets fell in series finally 3-1.

Game Notes

Mike Pelfrey continues a decent run of outings. Seven innings pitched with only four hits and two runs given up. No walks and six K’s to go along with that as well. Despite Pelfrey possibly turning his season around, I still feel like the Mets should look at opening him up to being on the block in the offseason. Seeing what we can get, or finally getting Mejia his starts when he rebounds from his injury. Anyway, Pelf receives his fifth loss.

Acosta, Byrdak, and Carrasco combine for an inning pitched, with Acostalypse showing up.

Offense was as flat as I’ve ever seen it. With only four hits, and an RBI from Mr. MVP, Jose Reyes.

Red hot, Murphy goes 2-3. And rookies Duda and Tejada had a hit each.

Turning Point

Nothing much, all one sided.

Game Ball

Murphy and Pelf for being the only ones helpful.

Up Next

Niese and Jurrjens open up a three game series in Atlanta. Game time is 7:05 PM.