New York Mets Select Brandon Nimmo with Their First Pick in the 2011 MLB Draft

Sandy Alderson has made his first pick as general manager of the New York Mets. With the 13th overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, the Mets have selected Brandon Nimmo, and outfielder from Wyoming. Nimmo did not play high school baseball because there is no high school baseball league in Wyoming. He only played American Legion ball.

This pick is certainly a reach as Nimmo was ranked as the 35th best player available in this year’s draft by Baseball America. Nimmo had some great workouts, but this is a huge, huge risk.

Analysts on the MLB Network gave Andy Van Slyke as the best MLB comparison for Nimmo. Van Slyke was a career .274 hitter with 164 home runs and 245 stolen bases in his 13 year career. If Nimmo turns out to be like this, he will certainly be a disappointment.

The pick is likely not the one that Mets fans wanted. With all of the struggles the Mets rotation has faced this year and pitchers such as Jed Bradley and Sonny Gray still on the big board, the Mets likely should have gone after a pitcher.

Nimmo’s selection also may speak wonders to the Mets financial situation. The team’s money problems have been glaring and Nimmo, who has a scholarship to the University of Arkansas, will likely be cheaper to sign than some of the other players who were available at the 13th pick.

Given the team’s financial situation, it was believed that the New York Mets would need to build for the future with the MLB Draft. However, with the surprising pick of Brandon Nimmo, it is not certain what direction the Mets are headed.