New York Mess, Bullpen Still Useless, Mets Lose 6-3

Jonathon Niese had a great start, but the bullpen collapsed YET AGAIN and the Mets lost against the Braves, 6-3

Game Notes

Jonathon Niese pitched a great game, going seven and two-third innings giving up two runs on eight hits striking out seven and walking one. Niese had everything working today, and with most Mets starters recently, the gas seemed to be running low in the eighth inning. What that has meant usually, is exactly what has happened. Worst case scenarios

Izzy came out for another outing…in hopes to deconstruct his arm, and walked a batter, then advanced him to second on a wild pitch, then with some Jose Reyes help (the ball literally went under his glove, he didn’t commit) and allowed a run to score. Izzy final line is one-third, one unearned run, one walk, one strikeout. K-Rod came in for the ninth, and gave up a home run to Eric Hinske, then a double to Martin Prado, an intentional walk to Brian McCann and a double by Freddie Freeman (and a stupid baserunning play to get them out of the inning) left the score at 6-3.

Honestly, someone in the pen needs to step u and stop the bleeding. Or a starter needs to go a full nine.

The offense today had one good inning, and put across all its run on singles, which has been fairly customary with the Mets missing Wright and Ike (Jason Bay’s power stroke, is still MIA as well). RBI hits by Beltran (#RBIWhore) Murphy and Pagan was all the runs the Mets could push across. After the seventh inning, if the Braves send out the 1-2 of Venters/Kimbrel, you don’t have much of a chance.

Ruben Tejada – 0 for 3. Cooling down a little bit, but still good.

Jose Reyes – 2 for 4 with a run and his seventh error of the year in a HUGE spot. That makes two in the last few games, on plays he could’ve made easily.

Willie Harris – I really do hope when David Wright returns, you aren’t on the team.

Turning Point

The Chipper Jones home run/Jose Reyes error. Without Chipper’s HR, that error doesn’t amount to much but a run.

Game Ball

Jonathon Niese. You go out, throw a quality game, and then have it spoiled by bad defense, bad pitching and bad luck.

On Deck

The Mets will hope to hold a lead (if they have it) in the seventh inning, sending Dillon Gee to the mound against Jair Jurjjens and the Braves. Game time is 7:10 P.M.

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