Morning Grind: Enough Is Enough, It’s Time For Bay To Grab Some Pine

Bay has been just God awful to start the season, and there is no debating that. Bay has seemingly lost any trace of his once feared and revered power stroke. This loss of pop simply cannot be blamed on Citi Field, as with the way Bay is hitting, I don’t think he could muscle one out of “Kiddie Field”! With Bay hard pressed not only to make contact, but to lay off pitches in the dirt, It is high time for him to grab some pine until he can get his career back on track.

Bay has batted an abysmal .223 with only a mere 2 home runs and 10 RBIs in 130 ABs. Those 130 at-bats are roughly 20-25% of the season, on pace for similar numbers to 2010 where he only played slightly more than half of a season due to his season-ending concussion. We were expecting Bay to have a bounce-back year, a resurgent season, a candidate for comeback player of the year! But now it is becoming more and more apparent that Bay is a bust.

Until yesterday’s game, Collins was penciling Bay in in the CLEANUP role! In the 4th spot this year, Bay is even worse. He is batting .215 with only one extra base hit, a double, and four RBIs in 65 at bats.Bay’s lack of doing ANYTHING productive at the plate has gotten to the point where he needs to ride the bench for a little while. How long it should be? I don’t know but an almost guaranteed out in the middle of the order cannot go on much longer.

It is not like this is the situation with Ollie the Folly where he just took his money and did not seem to care that he was hurting the team. Bay is trying extremely hard to get back on track, maybe too hard. He is pressing at the plate, swinging at anything and everything to try to get himself back on track. I truly cannot remember the last time I saw Jason Bay swing at a good pitch, put it in play, and get a hit that was not a bloop single or a ground ball that snuck through a hole. Bay is swinging too early, his top hand placement is a mess, his left leg never turns with his swings, and his swings look like emergency hacks every time! Not only is his poor production harmed the Mets, not only are the Mets on the hook for at least another $60 million, but in Bay taking up left field, he is clogging a roster spot and likely starting job from outfield prospects such as Fernando Martinez, Lucas Duda or even Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Any of those three could be doing better than Bay is doing now. They are all currently tearing up Triple-A and any of the three deserve a callup. Duda could replenish the lost power in the absence of Wright and Davis for quite some time as well as play some first base, F-Mart could finally blossom into the player we have hope for and Captain Kirk can do a little bit of everything. There is Grade-A talent there waiting for the call, but Bay is getting in the way of that.

I respect Bay for really putting in so much effort into trying to regain his former glory. He bursts out of the box whether the ball goes 400 feet or 400 inches, he doesn’t hide from the press, he accepts that something needs to change in his game to get back to where he needs to be. But his failed efforts to bust out of this major funk hes gotten into will not win us ballgames, in fact, it is KILLING the offense.

It is high time for Bay to take a seat and watch from the bench, because it is not getting any prettier, but it sure is getting a whole lot uglier.

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