MetsMerized Player Of The Week! (Week 12)

Time to be blunt. Jose Reyes – you are making it really difficult for me to choose somebody else as POTW. You’re being a great sparkplug and you’re tearing it up. You have a “three-game slump” and then drills four hits. The Mets offense has not particularly been on fire lately so it’s not so hard to differentiate. The men are being seperated from the boys, in a prodigal sense, as the year keeps going…and the Mets are somewhat in the WC race. If we were to put a good stretch together… who knows?

The MetsMerized Player Of The Week is the aforementioned Jose Reyes!

¬†Keep on keeping on, Jose! Jose Reyes is on fire in his contract year and is, without question, having his career year. He’s healthy and in his prime (he missed his magic 27 year but this is making up for it.) Jose is going to command a lot of money soon enough because he has made it clear that he doesn’t want to negotiate during the season. What’s the best deal you would throw at him? I’d do 6/90. He’s already making 11 million.

Last week, Reyes led the team in hits (10), total bases (14), triples (2), runs (7), and stolen bases (2) without a CS. He also walked twice and he continued to prove his status as one of the fastest men in the MLB. He now has 14 3B to go with 20 2B and 28 SB. With the year about halfway over, expect a 40 2B/50 SB season. Tearing. It. Up.

Congrats to Jose!

Past Award Winners

One-Hit Wonders: Chris Young, David Wright*, Ike Davis/Pedro Beato, Dillon Gee.

Third Time’s The Charm: Jose Reyes

Who’s Hot

Daniel Murphy: .409 ( 9 – 22, 2B), 4 RBI, 10 TB, 4 R, 0 SB/2 CS

Of Note

Dillon Gee got beat up a little over the week (6.30 ERA) but he looked better the second time around against Texas. He’s young and he’s bound to have ups and downs – but he’s been really impressive so far.

Daniel Murphy had a hot week but he’s not hitting for much power.

Alex68’s prediction of Angel Pagan did not pan out – 1/2 on the year.

We had ONE HR all last week. One. Jason Bay.

Good starts for Dickey and Capuano.

Tigers and Yankees this week. I’m so worried about Justin Verlander – one of my favorite pitchers but he is a sworn enemy when he faces us. LGM!