MetsMerized Player Of The Week! (Week 11)

Intangibles – a simple word that can mean so much more. As much as I live and die by the statistics, in fact, probably more than the average non-sabermetric fan… I’m always looking for the intangible things; the things that can’t be measured by any statistic but still have an impact on the game. For some pitchers, it can just be their mental state. Confidence goes a long way when you’re playing the most difficult mind game in the world, being an MLB pitcher. I think that one applies to Pelfrey. Offensively, I’ve always talked about the Jose Reyes factor. He wreaks havoc on the basepaths, he messes up defenses and a pitcher’s balance. There’s so much that goes into describing what his value is and it goes beyond what any statistic could ever provide.

Regardless, the Co-MetsMerized Players Of The Week are… Jose Reyes and Mike Pelfrey!

In my head, I was thinking Pelfrey all the way for two very impressive pitching performances this week, the latter (CG WIN) being great to see, but then I remembered the damage Reyes had been doing all week. A quick check of the numbers and they backed me up. Reyes had a .300/.333/.400 slash line for the week ( 9 – 30) and scored a great 7 runs, averaging out to a run a game. He drove in four runs and walked twice, all nice to see. Here are the more mindblowing stats – along with the 7 runs, he tripled AGAIN giving him 12 on the year already (7 away from his career high of 19 in ’08) and 6 SB without a single CS, giving him 26 on the year.

As for Pelfrey, he’s been looking a little better lately, but I do need to see him do it against the NL East. Two starts ago, I said “When he does it against the Phillies at CBP, then I’ll be convinced.” His stat line for the week read like this:

2 GS: 2 QS, 1 W, 1 L, CG. 16.0 IP, 3 ER, 9 H, 2 HR, 11 K/0 BB

…That’s right, NO walks. Make two starts in a week and don’t walk a single batter – that’s a great recipe for success as a starting pitcher. I was really happy to see Pelfrey succeed because I’ve always cheered for him. He’s just made it a lot harder the past year or so. I wish him similar success in the upcoming starts (and the same for Reyes) as I wish them both Congrats!

Past Award Winners

One-Hit Wonders: Chris Young, David Wright*, Ike Davis/Pedro Beato, Dillon Gee, Jose Reyes

Who’s Hot

Carlos Beltran: .296/.404/.496 ( 8 – 27, 2B, HR), 3 R, 5 RBI, SB

Of Note

K-rod lost his saves streak.

Offense was severely down this week but Beltran still looks really alive.

Capuano’s been looking better lately.

Without the rain, Gee would have been only the second pitcher in franchise history to start 8-0 (Gooden) but he looks to pick it up against the A’s on Tuesday.

Jon Niese led the Mets in hitting with a .333 average last week…

All jokes aside, LGM.

Oh, let it be known, Alex68 DID correctly predict Pelfrey. He’s 1-1 this year.