Mets All Star Snubs? And Flubs?

If you’re expecting to see Jose Reyes take the filed for the 2011 All Star Game in Arizona’s Chase Field, Mets fans better start stuffing the ballot box with all due haste.

According to Adam Rubin, the Mets have barely made a ripple in the first balloting results announced for
the All-Star Game.

The only positions where a Met appears in voting tallies are at shortstop where Jose Reyes ranks #3, third base where David Wright ranks #4, and outfield where Carlos Beltran ranks #8.

There’s no chance Beltran or Wright get voted in, and Jose Ryes is already more than a half million votes behind Troy Tulowitzki.

I’m pretty sure that Reyes has a good chance of getting picked by NL manager Bruce Bochy to fill out his bench, and I’m guessing K-Rod may get picked as well. But it looks like superstar good player/good kid David Wright will end his streak of consecutive All Star appearances at five.

In other Mets All Star stuff, how about the fact that the Mets representative on the ballot is Brad Emaus who now toils in Colorado Springs?

Ted Berg on his blog Ted Quarters sheds more light on the stupidity of it all.

Brad Emaus is on the N.L. All-Star ballot. For some reason the All-Star ballots are still filled with every team’s projected Opening Day starters every year even though a) we have the Internet now and b) you figure there has to be some efficient enough way for the league to print and distribute All-Star ballots without including Rule 5 picks that were in the Minor Leagues by mid-April. Am I missing something here? Is there some other reason Brad Emaus is on the All-Star ballot that I’m not aware of?

He concludes by asking the question that illustrates just how ridiculous this all is:

What would happen if by some small miracle Brad Emaus was elected to the All-Star team? Does Emaus get called up from Colorado Springs to play? What hat does he wear?

Come on Bud, inquiring minds want to know.