Kevin Burkhardt – Our Roving Reporter

Another one of the stars of the Mets broadcasting group is Kevin Burkhardt who is the field reporter for the team.  He moves about the stadium and its’ environs indoors and out and finds interesting people and places for us to watch and listen to.  Kevin works without a net – it’s his natural, friendly  personality that brings out the conversations from people all over the stadium. 

He’s talked with everyone from Sandy Anderson down to the ball-boys.  He gets the low-down from Terry Collins seemingly before and after every game and keeps viewers up to date with everything we need to know about our Amazins’.

He loves talking to the fans in the stands wherever he goes  – from the kids to Grandmas, and he enriches each broadcast with a healthy dose of optimism which we can never have too much of.

He’s also very insightful when it comes to the team and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. He gives all of us a good feel of what things are like in the dugout and in the clubhouse and he always asks the right, and even the tough, questions when he has to.

His Mets Hot Stove show, keeps all of us warm when baseball goes into hibernation for the Winter. I enjoy watching because we get to see the personal sides of all the players with his exclusive interviews and fire-side chats.

Kevin is a wonderful asset to the broadcast and to the Mets and their fans in general.

Here’s a bit of Kevin’s background from Wikipedia:

A 1997 graduate of William Paterson University, he grew up in South Jersey doing play-by play for Nintendo games in his junior high school days, in imitation of Gary Cohen, who is now his partner in the broadcast booth. He took his degree in broadcasting to radio station WGHT in northern New Jersey, spending eight years working for the station, which was so small, it went off the air at night. Burkhardt became frustrated at WGHT; he left his job and decided to became a car salesman, after reading the local paper’s Help Wanted ads. He sold cars for seven months before he wanted to go back into broadcasting again. Burkhardt started at WFAN by doing freelance work for the station, which eventually turned into his becoming their full-time Jets reporter.

Kevin was a regular on Out of Bounds for Philadelphia’s CN8, did sports reporting for Time-Warner Cable and an afternoon radio show for WCBS 880 Burkhardt lives in central New Jersey with his wife, Rachel, and son, Logan. He also did New Jersey Jackals minor league games on WJUX.

Don’t change anything Kevin – you are doing a terrific job and we all love you.