Jose Reyes, Ty Cobb and the $64,000 Dollar Question

New York Mets' Jose Reyes Reacts

Jose Reyes, made his 1,000th career game last night against the Detroit Tigers a memorable one. The game’s most dynamic player, went 4-for-4 at the plate with a walk and three runs scored. He was just a home run shy of hitting for the cycle; being the last Met to perform the feat.

There is nothing Jose Reyes can’t do right now and even ESPN agreed last night when they called him the “undisputed MVP of the league” if the season ended today. 

Reyes has become a hitting machine and any baseball hurled his way – well – he makes a meal out of it. His .349 batting average will attest to that.

Last night, he set a new Mets franchise record when he notched his 23rd four-hit game of his career. It was also his 40th multi-hit game this season to lead both leagues.

Here’s why the Mets Organization needs to keep Jose Reyes –

In simple language, he brings in the fans.

Citi Field would be lost without him.

You think people are coming to watch the other players??

They are not – Jose is the star, the head of the list, the guy to watch – and he doesn’t disappoint.

Here’ s a paragraph from the Associated Press this morning:

Jose Reyes played his 1,000 game last night. He has 98 triples and 360 stolen bases now. According to statistics from the Elias Sports Bureau, the only other player with that many triples and stolen bases in his first 1,000 games — since 1898, when the modern stolen base rule was enacted — was Ty Cobb, who had 106 triples and 391 steals.

Of course Jose does so much more – I prefer to think of it as baseball as it should be. It is hard to do when today”s baseball is based on dollars, but it really is a child’s game played by the boys who won’t/don’t grow up and love to play their game.

You can always tell the difference.

The Mets as a whole, take their cue from Jose – and are playing at a level we’ve not seen for a long, long, time.

So – Mets officials here’s your assignment – re-sign this player and treat him well. He has few peers playing these days, and he is filling the seats in your building. A player like Jose comes along once in a blue moon – here’s your chance to keep him here where he belongs.

But will this newly revamped regime ,that features three executives whose lives will be portrayed in a new feature film entitled Moneyball, let the game’s most exciting and dynamic player walk at the end of the season because of money? That will be the $64,000 dollar question. 

Here is a word of warning for them…

If you can’t make the deal, just close the doors – all the excitement and fun will be gone with him wherever he goes…  And so will the majority of the fans who are the only thing keeping this team financially afloat right now.