Jose Reyes Has As Many Triples As Jason Bay Has RBI

I really wanted to get this post up a few days ago, because my original post was going to be titled “Jose Reyes has more triples that Jason Bay has RBI”.  A few days ago that was the case, as Reyes had 11 triples to Jason’s 10 RBI.  It came up in a conversation with my cousin and I could not believe it when he said it.  How is that even possible?

Regardless of what Jason Bay is going through, and how bad he is struggling, he should still be able to drive in occasional runs. You can drive in runs other ways that don’t involve getting hits or hitting home runs.  You can drive them in with a sacrifice fly or an RBI ground out.

Jose Reyes who is the most electrifying player in the game, and can do anything on a baseball diamond.  Due to his tremendous speed, and propensity to hit line drives into gaps with regularity, he hits a lot of triples.  But, prior to this season, the most triples he has ever hit in a season was 19.  That is a great number for triples, but at no point should he have more triples, or the same number of triples equaling an RBI total of a supposed run producer like Jason Bay this late into a season.

I know Bay is going through a rough time, but he needs to be better.  He has only played in 44 of the 68 games this season.  So maybe we are forgetting that he missed the first few weeks.  He has also been benched the last week or so.  His RBI total might be a little higher if he had played from day one, but with the way he is swinging, that’s a big maybe.  He has become a singles hitter, as 29 of his 35 hits thus far have been singles, with 4 doubles and two home runs.

Even with the torrid pace Jose his on, you have to imagine Bay will have more RBI that Reyes has triples by the end of the year,  I just thought it was crazy when I heard it, especially almost 70 games into the season.  Is this possible on any other team?  To have one of their sluggers not producing to this extreme?  Only in Metville is this kind of stuff a reality!  Lets go Mets, and I’m rooting for Jason Bay to pass Jose Reyes! You can do it Jason, I know you can!

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