Gary Carter Rushed To ER Last Night

Another scary moment for the Carter family last night as Hall-Of-Fame catcher Gary Carter was rushed to the hospital last night for severe coughing which was eventually diagnosed as bronchitis and released early this morning.

 According to Mike Mazzeo of ESPN, Carter’s daughter Kimmy said that:

there was speculation that Carter might have blood clotting or pneumonia. But those fears were eased when the results showed that he had something less substantial.

Carter is currently:

in a battle with Stage 4 brain cancer, underwent his second Avastin treatment on Friday, Bloemers wrote. According to the drug’s website, Avastin’s purpose is to prevent the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors.

Carter is also in the process of undergoing 6½ weeks of radiation treatment and a year of chemotherapy.

This is certainly a concern for the Carter family, but also a relief that this wasn’t anything more serious. A bump in the road but hopefully Carter can continue his road to recovery.

To read more on this, you can read Mike Mazzeo’s article Here.

Here are some photos that the Mets sent to us last night, of players and fans who signed the giant “get-well card” for Gary Carter at Cit Field before the game.

Fan were able to sign the card in the Jackie Robinson Rotunda and it will be sent to Gary next week.

Keep praying for The Kid…

Photo Credits: Marc S. Levine

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