Forget Your Agendas And Just Root For Your Team

I read a lot of blogs and stories about just how bad and awful this Met team is to the point of suggesting it should be blown up so we can start over. I’m left to wonder has anyone seen the team play lately?

It seems that after the first two weeks in April, when we had a 4-11 record and a .363 W%, that so many fans simply gave up on the team and the season as a lost cause.

Extremism soon ensued… Blow it up – Trade them all – We can’t afford these losers – We won’t win till Wilpon goes. Then you have the ever present – If we had just gotten player X for some fantasy package of our best three players, or if we had only spent XXXXXX millions of dollars on Player X or Y, we would be in the division lead right now.

Blah Blah Blah. All great conversation for those first two weeks in April I guess…

Since that abysmal 4-11 start, we have gone 25-20 – a .555 winning percentage. This was due in part to a .583 WP in the second two weeks of April, a .519 WP in May, and a .667 WP so far in the first week of June.

But recent events are not going to disuade you are they? These last six weeks are simply a mirage and it’s the first two in April that are the REAL DEAL.

There is no way in hell this team can be as good as it has been in the last six weeks because It doesn’t fit in with anyone’s agenda here!

Since April 15th the team has a .555 winning percentage, but we have to ignore that fact so that you can push your agenda, stand on your soapboxes and blow wind everyday!

Yoda likes to warn us that “hate is the pathway to the darkside”. Well, there are are certainly a lot of SITH Lords in the Mets blogosphere and the media these days!

Our farm sucks because it’s Omar’s.

Our team sucks because it is owned by the Wilpons.

Our GM sucks because he didn’t bring a 200 Mil payroll with him.

And in general… The TEAM sucks because of what they did the first two weeks in April!

Is it SANE to judge an entire franchise and draw conclusions based on the first two weeks of the season – or in other words only 12 games out of a 162 season?

Is it rational to ignore the six weeks that followed?

Is it SANE to dismiss a farm system that has produced several players that have helped the Mets to a .667 winning percentage clip since Wright or Davis went down to injuries?

The Kool Aid phrase gets thrown around rather freely, but the truth is most of the Kool Aid drinking was done in those first two weeks where so many of you made up your minds that the season was doomed – and I guess recent events have not sobered any of you up yet.

And while you were under the spell of that two week Kool Aid drinking binge you all built your 2011 Season soapbox and are sticking to it and standing pat on it regardless of the facts and recent events.

Why are so many of you trying so hard to downplay the last six weeks of good baseball by our team, and trying so hard to convince the rest of us that the Mets are so terrible? Is it because it doesn’t fit your Agenda?

What is it with all these agendas?

Jose Reyes being worth Carl Crawford money doesn’t fit the “Moneyball Agenda”. Save all that money under the guise of spending it later on a team that is ready to win… a time that never comes for other like- minded agendas such as in Oakland.

Paying Reyes Crawford money doesn’t fit with the “Lets Get Rid Of Wilpon Agenda”, Reyes needs to go so Wilpon is forced to lose more money in ticket sales and ultimately forced to sell. Trading Reyes will be the vehicle that gets them there! We can’t win with Reyes anyway, so why pay him… And yet we ARE winning at that .555 clip now aren’t we?

Dillon Gee undefeated, Ike Davis hitting Bombs, Daniel Murphy raking, and Justin Turner driving in runs in droves does not fit into the “OMAR SUCKS” agenda… We need to shed every star for minor leaguers to make the “Build From Within and Draft” agenda people happy. They refuse to admit that our players are doing great things or there will be no need to implement their “Build From Within and Draft” agenda.

Keeping Reyes, Wright, Davis, Murphy, Niese, Gee, and Pelfrey is not good because it doesn’t fit into some Mets fans idea of a CORE because it all didn’t miraculously appear in one season and wasn’t built  by one single GM or philosophy. You hear this from the Moneyball and Sabermetric crowds. They are the worst offenders. They are the “We Must Start From Scratch” agenda or also known as the “Lets Show The World The Right Way To Build A Team” agenda.

But in every case there is still that pesky little .667 Win Pct in June that was preceded by a .519 Win Pct in May. And it looms just a bit taller than everyone’s soapbox!

It just kills some Mets fans that the success of the last six weeks has been accomplished with that farm system that apparently sucks so bad, or without Wright and Davis or Santana to lead the way, or WITH players that we’ve never won anything with like Jose Reyes who has to be traded. How sad and pathetic.

Well go ahead and keep walking down the paths of your agendas… You’re all like lemmings, never deviating from disaster all due to a couple of bad weeks in April to start the season.

Well here is a Newsflash my pessimistic friends… IT ISN”T about how you START a season, IT IS about how you FINISH IT!

This team is not done this season – there’s plenty of season left. Neither does it have a destiny one way or the other. It is good enough to compete if they all stay healthy and continue what they have done so far. It is also not bad enough to wipe a slate clean and most definitely not a team you need to blow up and start over.

The bottom line is if we can win at this clip without a true ACE, and without two thirds of the heart of our order and with the talented Kids we have on our farm then this team is ANYTHING but in trouble!

So instead of focusing on your agendas and pontificating from your soapboxes, why not just enjoy the season and show some appreciation for the fight and effort that this team has shown us.

Try focusing on what this team is doing and stop dwelling on what we should do if the worst happens.

Philly currently has a .333 Win Pct in June. If that continues for another week it will be worse than our two awful weeks in April. I don’t suppose they will be blowing up their team because of it or Putting Howard, Utley and Rollins on the trade block at the deadline for minor league fodder, do you?

Is that because they already fit your agenda or merely because they are NOT the Mets?

One has to wonder!

This Fan Shot was written and submitted by Metsie.

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