“Don’t Trade Reyes Day” Has Become A Growing Movement

On Friday night, as many of you know, several hundred die-hards gathered on the Shea Bridge, myself included, chanting for the cause of keeping Jose Reyes as a New York Met. Many wearing The7Line’s T-shirts, it was truly an incredible experience to be part of such an event. To read my full report on Friday’s Reyes Rally you can click Here.

But anyway, I truly expected this to be a one time event, we get our point across that we want him, have a fun time, get noticed on SNY maybe? But after the 5th inning of Friday night, the signs have kept coming, the chants are continuous. The entire fan base is now getting into the movement.

I went to the game again Sunday evening and there were, in addition to me, another four or five “Keep Jose” signs. People that weren’t even at Friday’s rally or had anything to do with the original movement were commencing chants of “Keep Jose”, “Jose Must Stay”, “Don’t Trade Jose” and the classic “Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose” chant.

Getting media mentions, recognition and/or coverage from ESPN, Yahoo, SNY, Newsday, MetsBlog.com, twitter feeds and countless other news outlets, The “Don’t Trade Reyes” movement is picking up steam. Kevin Burkhardt mentioned the rally Friday, Bobby V. not only mentioned it but had some very opinionated rhetoric, supporting the fans and the idea of keeping Reyes.

I found the peak of this Reyes pride so far on Sunday’s game when The7Line.com owner Darren Meenan was booted from the game because of his sign that reads “Don’t Trade Reyes” and the name of his website underneath. The security originally had a problem with his sign having advertisements for his site on it. He was ejected from the game after giving out business cards for those who inquired about how to get in contact with him. The security asked to see his ticket, then when presented with the ticket the security guard promptly plucked it from Meenan then proceeded to inform him he was now trespassing due to the fact that he was not in possession of a ticket.  To view the full story of Meenan’s Sunday night experience, click Here.

When I was a few fans over from Meenan Friday night, he had the same exact sign and the only concern security had is that we kept the entrance to the outfield terrace clear. I did not hear one complaint out of any security guards throughout the event about a single fan or sign from the rally.

Anyway, that classy move by the Mets security did not kill the chants but made them louder and more frequent. There was a more confident vibe about the fans during last night’s game. It may have something to do with the fact we were actually winning for a change, but the various Reyes chants broke out throughout the stadium.

Both Meenan and myself got on ESPN for our respective signs…and Sombreros in my case :-), yet nobody complained to me. In fact, I had fans, police officers, security guards and even one of the cameramen approach me and compliment me on my hat, the sign and what myself and others were doing, letting everyone know that the fans want Reyes in Flushing for life, we want a number 7 on the left field wall when it is all set and done, and we won’t rest until that happens.

What had started in the recesses of the minds of Donna Bauer, Dave Meenan and several others, has now grown into an opportunity for every fan to voice their opinion during every home game. I believe most fans want Reyes here, and most have been staying quiet about it, but now everyone is seeing what this group is doing and are joining in.

Friday, it was just the Shea Bridge chanting “Don’t Trade Reyes”, now it has resounded in the entire ballpark. This movement has grown now outside of Citi Field. Petitions, Facebook groups, Blogs, T-shirts, Mets fans will not be silenced, we want our voices heard and by-God they will be listened to.

There are signs once again, there are chants, the fan base is starting to show some spirit again, some swagger, coming together not only to cheer for our team, but so we can retain the true face of the franchise:

Shortstop, Number 7, Jose Reyes.

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