Detroit Rock City: Mets Pummel Tigers 16-9

Game Summary

True NL vs AL fashion here tonight. Sixteen runs scored for the Mets on twenty hits…and no homeruns. Tigers smashed in five over the fence. Totally different styles of scoring. Cap gets hit hard to end his good start streak. Bullpen is embarrassing, but offense can win ball games alone it seems like. Mets win 16-9.

Game Notes

Chris Capuano seems to love giving up the long ball, as he gave up three homeruns to the Tigers, two from Miggy. Cap also given up four homeruns at Yankee Stadium, this season. That’s what happens when you bring the walls in, Wilpons. Cap, who has had an ERA under one in his last four starts, got lit up. Five innings pitched, six hits, three homeruns, no walks, and six Ks. Lets just hope he can settle down and get it back together. He reminds me of Takahashi from last year. A guy who should be in the bullpen, because after about 4-5 innings, he falls apart. He needs to go to the ‘pen. Santana, please get better.

The bullpen continues to be the worst aspect of the Mets this season. What was once a dominate relief pitcher who shocked us all, is someone who crashed hard to Earth. Pedro Beato pitched 1.1 innings, two hits, two runs, a homerun (Tigers’ fourth of the game). Beato’s ERA is 3.82. Byrdak, well I’m embarrassed to have him pitch. Two pitches two hits, (Tiger’s fifth homerun of the game). Parnell quickly replaced him and finished the inning with a walk and no hits. Izzy pitches an inning with a walk, a hit, and a run. Carrasco pitches a hitless inning with a K.

Dave Hudgens, I would just like to thank you first of all. He’s taking a lineup full of players not playing 100%, players from Buffalo, and Jose Reyes. He has done great, along with Collins to put a great offensive team together. The 52 runs scored during their current four-game winning streak set a franchise record for a four-game stretch. Only if everything could fire on the same cylinders, this team would have a great shot at the Wild Card.

Mets went hit crazy tonight. Twenty hits total for the red hot Mets bats to go with 16 runs. Mets hit singles, doubles, a triple, and ran crazy over the Tigers. Four walks for Bay, four hits for Paulino and Pagan, Murphy knocked in four, and much more. Mets did it all without a homerun as well. Something really big to look at.

Game Ball

Dave Hudgens. Thanks for getting everyone’s bats on fire, and not just Reyes.

Up Next

Mike Pelfrey goes up against a dominant Justin Verlander and the Tigers. Game time is 1:10 PM.