Collins, Reyes, Einhorn And The Mets

In the midst of chaos, we have calm – while the newspapers are screaming about the Mets team, they are quietly learning how to work together, and they are listening to their manager, Terry Collins.

This is the best Mets team in years because of him – he puts his players first and they know it. Did you know that he speaks to each of his players every day?

You couldn’t have a better manager to guide all our new arrivals from buffalo than Terry, who knows many of them from his time as the Mets Minor League Coordinator under Omar Minaya. Many of them are barely into their twenties, but they are here and they will be guided by this man who takes his job very seriously.

You can see Terry during the game watching like a proud father. Every one of these men will pay attention to him, because they know he is on their side and will run out on the field at the slightest hint of a problem, or make time to see them quietly in his office to help with some other issue.

Right now, Jose Reyes is in the media spotlight, and rumors now abound that he may be traded simply because he elects to focus on his job without any distractions. If he is traded, it will be the biggest mistake made by the Mets since Nolan Ryan was moved. If you remove a player from his comfort zone, you are messing with the entire team chemistry as Terry alluded to yesterday before the game .

The Mets owners – the Wilpons – have shown that they have no concern for anyone but themselves and that they will always put their money first. Right now all their little companies are in such a mess that they are in Federal Court over their actions. And who still believes that the Wilpons knew nothing about their buddy, Bernie Madoff???

Frankly I”m waiting for David Einhorn to take over this team – a real baseball fan who actually comes to the games, with a bunch of kids and sits in the stands where he watches carefully how his team is doing. But there’s news on that front too as it is being reported that the Mets’ exclusive negotiating period with David Einhorn is set to expire next week. The Post says the deal could look like this:

Einhorn is more than a few days away from signing a contract to buy a minority stake in the baseball team, sources said. These issues include how many years — three, four or five — Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz have to pay Einhorn back the $200 million he will invest, another source said. Deal parameters are that Einhorn invests $200 million and either gets paid back, keeping a 16 percent stake as interest, or, if not paid back, is able to exercise an option to up his stake to 60 percent.

So, let’s concentrate on the team now, and hope and pray that they will not lose the heart of the team, Jose Reyes, but will keep him here and build the team around him.

Let’s Go Mets!