Collins Blasts Team, Mets Respond With Huge Comeback Win

One day after manager Terry Collins tore into his team for a lack of execution and performance, the Mets responded by rallying back from a 7-0 deficit to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 9-8.

It was the biggest comebak win for the Mets since June 30, 2000 against the Atlanta Braves.


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Here are some of the quotes from Terry Collins who was completely livid after last night’s 9-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“I don’t know how to describe it, I’m sick of trying to describe this s**t. I’m wringing the rag dry and I’m just sick and tired of coming to these post games and having all of you look at me like I’m a stinking fool.”

“I sit up every night trying to figure out what can we do to get us over the top. We’ve got to go play the game right. We just can’t continue to make foolish mistakes. They’re big league players. They should be able to do it.”

‘We’ve got to do a better job. We’ve got to take responsibility for this. I’m the manager. It comes back on my shoulders. I’ll take all the sucking blame that anybody wants to hand out. Therefore I’ve got to make some adjustments. And, by god, they’ll be made. I don’t know if it comes with finding different players. But they’ll be made. Something is going to be changing.”

Collins chewed out the team immediately after the game, and before he came out and mad these comments during the post game. Jason Bay described it as, “He was red. He got his point across,” Bay said. “He was fed up with the way we were playing and isn’t going to take it anymore.”

Listening to Collins erupt like this made me feel good. I thought, finally we have a manager who knows how we’ve been feeling for the last three years. Watching Collins react the way he did reminded me of just how different he was from Jerry Manuel who always seemed to make light of everything and was too quick to defend poor performances and a lack of effort.

SNY’s Bobby Ojeda applauded Terry Collins afterward, and said “Good for him. It’s about time somebody in the club house shows that they care. Too many Mets care more about their own stats than whether or not the team wins.”.

He has every right to be mad. The Mets squandered another late lead which is becoming co commonplace with them these days. The Mets have been outscored 77-36 this season in the 7th through 9th innings. That is simply unacceptable.

Now what does Collins mean by changes? I don’t really know, but I would be shocked if Willie Harris is still with the team by the weekend series. And Harris isn’t the only one whose head should be on the chopping block.

I love Angel Pagan, but he continues to make misplays on the field and on the bases. Last night he got picked off first base for the second time in three games, and then he completely botched a shallow fly which fell in and allowed a run to score.

In Spring training, Collins promised that this season the Mets would be playing excellent baseball on fundamentals and clearly they are not. He also said that there would be maximum effort, and on too many occasions we’ve seen this team mail it in.

Something’s gotta give.

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