Bobby V Takes Aim At Wilpon, Makes Case For Mets To Sign Reyes

In case you missed the Mets game on ESPN last night, Bobby Valentine had plenty to say about the Jose Reyes situation. Bobby V held nothing back when he erupted during the sixth inning of the game when the camera panned the stadium and showed several fans holding signs that read “Don’t Trade Reyes” and “Sign Jose Reyes”.

“I’m finding it difficult to understand what the thinking is with the Mets these days. Are they not seeing what a special player this kid Jose Reyes is? I don’t get it… It’s obvious the fans see what’s going on and are completely frustrated by it. They’re having demonstrations, they’re having parades, the park is filled with signs and special t-shirts, and you can hear all the constant chants.”

“Look at Reyes’ average annual numbers compared to Crawford – they’re practically the same. But Jose Reyes is two years younger than Crawford and he plays a more demanding posisition. How many shortstops can do what Reyes can do? I’ll tell you how many – none. He’s only now reaching his prime.”

“They’re circulating all this stuff about Reyes’ OBP not being good, and David Wright not being being able to drive the ball, and they’re making it sound like neither player is worth what it would take to sign them. Signing and keeping both of those players is the absolute least the Mets should do for their fans. It’s the least any New York market team should do.”

“What is their new strategy – does anyone understand this new strategy? Do they think their gonna get away with just signing a bunch of a million-dollars-a-year players? How are you going to do something like that in a New York market? Even mid and low market teams have two or three $15 million dollar a year players on their teams.”  

“I’m not buying whatever they are trying to sell to their fans. There is no excuse for the Mets not to sign and keep both of them. This notion that they can only keep one is absolutely ridiculous. This is a New York team – it’s the biggest market in baseball. I find it hard to believe they can’t afford to keep David Wright and most of all Jose Reyes who is a more dynamic player. Keep them both!”

“They’re paying Jason Bay $16 million dollars a year and he’s sitting on the bench tonight, and yet they’re reluctant to lock up the most exciting player in the league, who is only 27 years old, for a few million dollars more? Somebody’s gonna have to explain that to me.”

The quotes may sound like he was ranting, but he really wasn’t. Bobby was energetic and spirited as always, but also very composed. I’m pretty certain that the former Mets manager, spoke for thousands of Mets fans who all feel the same way as he apparently does.

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