3 Up, 3 Down – The Return Edition

3 Up/3 Down returns after a brief break, and yes it’s great to be back. Since we haven’t been here in a few weeks, today’s edition looks at the past few weeks; where the Mets have been, and where they are currently at.

3 Up

1. Manager Terry Collins: I watched a spring training interview with Terry Collins back in March, and the one thing that totally impressed me was his positive attitude and high energy level, heck even I want to put on a glove and play. Terry’s upbeat attitude has obviously had a positive effect on this team. He’s getting the most out of these young players. Another thing I like about Terry is the accountability he brings to the team. You either perform, or you don’t play. After so many years of no accountability, and cap tipping, it’s great to see a manager that holds his players responsible for their actions.

2. The Kids: My list of kids, Murphy, Tejada, Turner, Gee, Thole, and Beato (I’m sure I’m leaving some out). These kids are getting the job done on a nightly basis! When Ike and David went on the DL, some were waving the white flag, but the kids have proven the naysayers wrong. Each and every night I expect to see a solid job by them. No longer am I hoping, or praying they’ll get the job done, its an expectation.

3. The Old Timers: In particular Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. Reyes is having an MVP caliber season so far, and I do believe the Mets will make an all out effort to re-sign him. Carlos Beltran has not only been solid, but has been a leader. Beltran’s been out there pretty much on daily basis, and has been quoted as saying the team can not afford to have him out of the line-up. Excellent!!

3 Down

1. Ike and David: I haven’t written since Davis and Wright went on the DL, which of course is the major downer of the season. I’ll be honest, I don’t know how Ike damaged his ankle, by falling on his backside, but I wish both these guys speedy recoveries.

2. Jason Bay: What happened to the Jason Bay who used to play for the Pirates and the Red Sox? Was Peter Gammons right last year when he said Bay would rather play in Beirut, than for the Mets? Could Bay simply be one of those players who lacks the chops to play in biggest market in the country? So many questions, so few answers.

3. The Negativity Factor: Our Mets, even without Wright and Davis, and without Johan and Chris Young, is still hanging out right at the .500 level. Why all the sad faces? I’m just not getting the negativity. This team is playing better than anyone could have expected. It’s time for fans to start acting like fans.