Will The Mets Ever Throw A No-Hitter?

Dillon Gee gave the Mets a glimmer of hope in throwing the team’s first-ever no-hitter.

However, like so many hopefuls before him, Gee fell short of making history.

Though there have been some heartbreaking possible no-hit efforts in Mets history, the last two have been particularly hard to swallow, since the opposing team’s pitcher broke up the bid.

How fitting that former Met Livan Hernandez was the culprit this time? While he’s been a good hitting pitcher his whole career, it’s just ironic that a former Met played the role of spoiler.

It’s also ironic that a handful of former Mets have gone on to throw no-hitters or perfect games with other teams. David Cone, Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Dwight Gooden, Al Leiter and A.J. Burnett have all experienced the honor.

The Mets and Padres are the only teams still without a no-hitter. As the Mets approach their 50th anniversary, who will be the first to have a historic game?

The Mets have had some candidates over the past few years, but no one has been able to cross the threshold.

Of the current healthy Mets pitchers, Jon Niese probably has the best chance. He threw a one hitter against the Padres last year, and has the stuff to keep a team in check all game.

R.A. Dickey also threw a one-hitter last year, but he has been very hittable so far this year.

Johan Santana may be the Met that finally breaks the curse. If he can return healthy—whether this year or next year—he might be able to put everything together on a given day. If his changeup is working, he’s still one of the most unhittable pitchers in the game.

Over the past few years, one Met held the greatest chance of throwing the team’s first no-hitter. And it’s not Santana, Mike Pelfrey or John Maine.

It’s actually exiled former Met Oliver Perez.

Though he’s one of most inconsistent pitchers to ever toe the rubber at Shea Stadium/Citi Field, he had all the tools to throw a no-hitter.

He was destined to show up at the ballpark one day and just figure everything out, even if it was just for one start.

He probably would walk a few guys in the effort, but when his slider is on and his velocity is up, he is very tough to hit.

This definitely is not a ploy to bring back Ollie P, but he certainly had no-hit quality stuff at one time.

As I find myself saying after every game, Mets fans will have to wait another day for their team’s first no-hitter.

However, when that day does come, there will be jubilation in the streets.

Still, I’d still rather see the team simply win the game than worrying about a no-hitter.

A couple more wins and we’re looking at a .500 team.

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