What Makes A Real Mets Fan?

Since the hiring of Sandy Alderson there seems to be a an overwhelming sentiment among the fanbase that if you don’t 100% support everything Alderson and his front office do then you’re not a real fan of the New York Mets.

Gone are the days when having a different opinion was acceptable. Today, Mets fans who disagree with the front office are labeled haters and trolls. They are singled out and attacked on sites like this one or social mediums like Twitter.

I know there are Mets fans who like me don’t believe that Sandy Alderson was the right choice to be general manager. Some of us feel his moneyball ways are simply wrong and not cut out for a large market team like the Mets. The over-reliance on sabermetrics seems foolish and short-sighted to me. The game got along just fine for over 100 years without using sabermetrics to build a solid roster and a championship level team. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way, in fact most ballplayers – former and current – scoff at it.

Every team has a fanbase that likes certain players on the team and dislikes other players. I know there is a good number of fans who like myself dislike Carlos Beltran. Like me, they think he’s selfish, overrated and overpaid. Those fans are also bashed and called names that I can’t repeat on a site like this. There are also many who dislike Jose Reyes and/or David Wright too. Reyes and Wright are my two  favorite players. I believe they are the most important players on the team. Some of you would probably disagree with that and that’s just fine, you are entitled to your opinions. We don’t have to agree on everything and anything. However there’s a civil way to do it without resorting to name calling or worse.

The bottom line is we are all Mets fans, we all love our team, and we all want to see them win. We buy their merchandise, we buy their tickets and we watch them regularly. We are entitled to have different views and that’s what makes sports fun and worth debating. Let’s get back to having civil, adult discussions instead of acting like children and calling people names and making fun of them simply because they have different opinions on what’s right for the team and what isn’t.