Thole May Soon Be Riding the Pine

After last night’s 7-6 loss to the Giants, manager Terry Collins was asked if Josh Thole’s recent poor defensive performance can land the young catcher into a reserve catcher role. “That’s a possibility. And not just that, but to also maybe let Josh have a chance to clear his head a little bit.”

Thole disagreed when told of Collins’ comments and said, “I don’t feel like I need a mental blow. I mean, it’s only May. Geez. I better not be asking for days off.”

Thole has been exploited by a staggering amount of stolen bases, 22 already, and his caught stealing rate stands at an abysmal 15%, far below the major league average.

Thole also leads the majors with seven passed balls and has been on the receiving end of eight wild pitches.

In last night’s game Thole’s miscues allowed several runners to advance and the Giants were 3-for-3 on stolen base attempts. Thole also had a throwing error on one of those throws, prompting Collins to consider extra practice for Thole. “We’ve gotta do a better job for sure,” Collins said. “We’re gonna get him out and do some receiving stuff before Wednesday’s game.”

Making matters a little more tenuous is that Thole currently sports a .311 OBP and .603 OPS in 90 plate appearances this season.