This Was The Week That Was

Hope you all are celebrating Memorial Day – it touches everyone.

Some interesting things have happened during the past week, some good, some not good.

Of course there is the Gary Carter situation and we will all be following his progress. I need to hear a professional opinion now that the news is out.

Then there were the two (2!) magazine interviews that appeared in The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated where Fred Wilpon was interviewed by Jeffrey Toobin and Tom Verducci. This was a Fred Wilpon I had never knew existed – perhaps he’s off his meds.

Terry Collins had a birthday and I forgot to send him my best wishes – so, here they are Terry – Happy Belated Birthday!

However the best news of the week involved someone who was new to me – a 42 year old hedge fund owner/operator named David Einhorn who is now part of the Mets business operation. In fact, David did something that I’ve never seen another of the ‘official’ Mets family do – he brought his real family to see a game – I think there were about 35 – 40, of them, mostly kids, and it was like a party. Hopefully a celebration of things to come – Citi Field could use – a group like that who actually watch the game. (David’s children play Little League – that’s why).

Shall I say we welcome the Einhorn family with open arms?