The Coming Fire Sale?

Jon Morosi of FOX Sports is convinced the Mets are on the verge of a fire sale and that it could happen well ahead of the July Trade Deadline. “Think about it, he said. “If you’re a manager, and your boss fears a potential operating loss of $70 million, dumping liabilities from the books would be a really good way to impress him.”

He lists Carlos Beltran as an example of why they will act sooner rather than later.

Well, Beltran earns a little more than $3 million per month. So, the Mets owe him about $6 million between now and the July 31 deadline, and then about $6 million more after that. It’s doubtful that Alderson could find a team willing to pay Beltran the roughly $12 million he is due over the remainder of this year; the Mets would probably need to include cash in the deal. But if Alderson waits two months to make a trade, the Mets will have paid Beltran $6 million that they can’t recoup. The motivation to save that money could compel Alderson to initiate trade talks earlier than usual.

It does make sense, but how can they do something like this with the Mets still in reach of at least a Wild Card spot?

That said, if it puts the Mets in a better longterm position wouldn’t it be a good thing?

Here is what he sees happening:


It’s not easy for a hitter to change leagues at midseason, because that involves learning a new set of pitching staffs. But that could actually work in Beltran’s favor. The Yankees, Angels, A’s, Mariners and Tigers have had below-average production at right field, DH, or both. Yankees GM Brian Cashman knows how to add supplemental bats as the season goes along. We’re nearing the 10th anniversary of David Justice for Robin Ventura, so I’d say we’re due for another interborough trade.

Aug. 1: New York Yankees.


Like Beltran, Reyes will become a free agent at season’s end. It will be almost impossible for the Mets to lower the payroll and keep Reyes, as Wilpon all but confirmed in his public statements. Reyes will earn $11 million this year. That isn’t off-putting, as long as he keeps stealing bases, scoring runs and hitting over .300. He would make sense for a number of teams, including Cincinnati, San Francisco, Oakland, and St. Louis (if Ryan Theriot moves to second).

Aug. 1: Cincinnati Reds.


Rodriguez is precisely the type of reliever who is valuable at this time of year. He’s appeared in 21 postseason games, with good results: 5-4, 3.13 ERA, three saves. Because of his contract, suitors will likely want K-Rod to be a setup man. So, he should be of particular interest to teams that have soft spots in front of strong closers, such as Boston, Detroit, and Texas. 

Aug. 1: Texas Rangers.

He also lists Pelfrey and Wright as potential players Mets could trade, but sees them as staying put when the dust settles.