Teams Would Be Interested In Carlos Beltran

Joel Sherman of the NY Post has a rough take on where the Mets are and even says it’s okay for some Mets fans to be delusional about the Mets chances this year. Thanks Joel.

He also discusses some of the potential trade options for the Mets and of course it’s the same usual suspects; Jose Reyes, Frankie Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran. However, for those that say the Mets would get very little for Beltran or that interest will be low, Sherman brings up a good counterpoint to that argument.

Maybe the Mets really will do something significant this season. If so, they will need Beltran, Reyes and K-Rod for that. And if not — if 12-16 is an accurate appraisal of the 2011 Mets — then improving future teams becomes the mandate. And Beltran, Reyes and K-Rod could become interesting trade chips to add prospects to a flimsy minor league base or to save money to redirect elsewhere (assuming the cash-strapped Wilpons will actually do that).

Before you say no team will touch Beltran, remember the White Sox grabbed Manny Ramirez at the deadline last year when Manny was making more than Beltran is now while producing limited power. Think, for example, about what another New York team with deep pockets might be willing to do if, say, Jorge Posada or Brett Gardner does not begin to perk up; the Yankees, after all, obtained an underperforming, overpaid switch-hitter (Lance Berkman) at last year’s deadline.

Whereas some past Mets GM’s have had a problem with dealing a high profile player like a Beltran to their crosstown rival, I don’t think any rivalry would keep Alderson from trading Beltran or Reyes to the Yankees if they give him what he’s looking for in return. Unless of course, Brian Cashman is still ticked off at the Mets for abusing Pedro Feliciano the way they did. 🙂

Because Beltran cannot be offered arbitration at the end of the season, and because he can simply walk away without any compensation for the Mets, I think the Mets will try and deal him even if they do find themselves in the thick of it come late July.

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