Stay Classy, Philadelphia

We’re in 4th place – and yet, the Philadelphia Phillie writers just can’t stop writing about the Mets. This piece really rubbed me the wrong way and was noted by Metsblog. The Phillies have a one game lead on the Marlins and about three and a half on the Braves. And yet, Mike Missanelli from the Philly Post had to go ahead and write a piece on his 5 most hated Mets of all time. According to Cerrone, Missanelli is the equivalent of Mike Francesa so…yeah. But here are some quotes from the article that remind us all why we don’t like Philadelphia (as if we needed a reminder.) The article can be viewed in it’s entirety here.

“I hated when all those maggot Mets fans would descend on Veterans Stadium and then Citizens Bank Park in the early days. Those obnoxious, drunken goofs and their annoying New York accents. Those half-human louts who were compensating for the fact that they weren’t Yankee fans and thereby acting out on their inferiority as a species. Those cretin-like new money Long Islanders who had nothing better to do than ride down the turnpike and infiltrate our stadiums like termites on a log cabin. I hated everything about the Mets, including their stupid blue and orange configuration and that ridiculous intertwined old style N and Y on the hats. Mostly, I just hated their players.”

Ray Knight. I just couldn’t stand the guy. A cheap-ass imitation of Pete Rose, who embellished things like pounding his glove and hitching up his pants…

Todd Hundley. I just didn’t like his face. Looked like he should be in some motorcycle gang somewhere, flicking unfiltered cigarettes on the highway. (Full disclosure: I was going to put Gary Carter here, but news just came out that Carter is suffering from brain tumors, so I can’t kick the man while he’s down.)

Turns out that Gooden had willingly submitted himself to the television show “Celebrity Rehab” with that Dr. Drew guy. By the way, my sources tell me that in addition to getting the free rehab, celebrities who go on that show also get paid a stipend of about $250,000. Just think, Doc, how much cocaine that $250,000 will buy once you get out.

I can go as far as to call this drivel and I begin to wonder why I don’t have a defined job in Sports Journalism yet if this is the quality of work expected. In any case, with the Phillies coming in to town tonight, I wonder how many Mets fans will be ticked off about this one. The Phillies may do things right as a franchise, but I wouldn’t go that far with their fans.

Stay classy, Philadelphia. Stay classy.