Rant: Did Jason Bay Really Need A Scheduled Day Off Yesterday?

I understand that Jason Bay had a scheduled day off yesterday. But with Reyes having to leave for a family emergency how does that not change the plans??? Can someone please explain this to me because I feel like that was a Jerry Manuel move yesterday!  That kind of stuff is a huge pet peeve of mine, and here’s why it upsets me.

Reason 1: We are struggling as a team right now to score runs, and due to a family emergency our best player Jose Reyes has to leave the team.  Jason Bay had a planned day off scheduled for yesterday, but can someone please explain to me why that was more important then him being out there when we needed him? Jason Bay is probably the last player on this team who needs a day off, since he has been off virtually a full season missing the second half of last year and the beginning of this year.  He has also taken a full season off with his bat.

Reason 2: Jason was in the midst of a five game hitting streak.  He hit the ball hard twice on Sunday in the win over the Phillies.  How does Terry Collins not say to himself, “I know I told Jason he could have a schedule day off, but since he is swinging a hot bat maybe I should play him to hopefully get him going”.  That makes sense right?  He has been so bad for us; anything that is remotely positive for him does not need to be interrupted for a day off.  With all the time off he’s had he should play everyday for the rest of the season.

Reason 3: We have a depleted lineup!  How on earth does Jason Bay get a scheduled day off with Wright and Davis on the shelf?  If you really need to give him breather, he can have one when they return.  He is a presence in the middle of the lineup and he needs to be out there everyday until the reinforcements arrive.  Even though we still won, Murphy should not be batting clean up, even though he is hot right now.

I just don’t understand managers sometimes.  We won the game without him, but he still should have been out there.  Also, once he realized that Reyes had to leave the team, he should have went to Collins and demanded to be in the lineup.  Managers just make me so crazy sometimes! Just like why was Willie Harris playing 3rd yesterday? Was it because he bats left, and they were facing a right handed pitcher?  Evans should have been at first, Murphy at second, Tejada at short and Turner at 3rd.  Harris should not see the starting lineup again for this team.

We are floundering as a team right now, at the crossroads of the season.  With so many players out, and going into yesterdays game 4 games under, we need fight back quickly or we could be headed towards 10 under.  You don’t get many games against last place teams at home; you need to make up ground when you do.  Managers don’t manage by the gut like they used to, everything is so stat driven.

I just had to get that off my chest. Does anyone else agree with me on the Jason Bay day off?

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