Mets Sign Top Dominican Pitcher

According to Baseball America, the Mets have agreed to terms with Luis Mateo for $150,000, which should end a three-year process for the 21-year-old Dominican righthander with a mid-90s fastball to get signed.

Mateo originally agreed to terms with the Giants on July 2, 2008, for $625,000. The Giants had that contract voided in August, however, when a physical revealed bone chips in his right elbow. Mateo was evaluated that September by Dr. Lewis Yocum, who saw no need for surgery on Mateo’s elbow or shoulder and recommended aggressive rehab.

That November, the Padres agreed to a $300,000 deal with Mateo, though that contract also never became official. Major League Baseball’s investigation into Mateo’s background turned up “inconclusive,” MLB’s way of saying that it feels it lacks sufficient evidence to either confirm or reject the accuracy of a player’s age and identity.

MLB finally suspended Mateo in March 2010 for one year for lying about his age, and his date of birth changed from March 17, 1992, to March 22, 1990. The Mets stayed on Mateo and struck a deal with him last week.

Good to see the Mets continue to be players in the International market. It seems Mateo was very highly regarded not too long ago.

BA says that Mateo is an athletic pitcher who throws 93-96 mph with good angle along with a slider.

No news yet as to where he will play to start his professional career with the Mets.