Mets Should Take It Very Slow With Santana

Last night during my interview with Kerel Cooper of On The Black, we discussed Johan Santana and his timetable for return. I said that if this team continues to play under .500, I believe they need to hold him off as long as they can.

In fact, if the Mets continue to play poorly in the coming months, they may even want to consider shelving him for the rest of the season.

It’s simply not worth bringing him back just to watch him either re-injure himself or suffer some sort of  setback that could potentially shelve him for the rest of the season.

What would the Mets have to gain by having Santana rush through his rehab just so he could meet a target date for a return that had been established long before he was even able to throw a baseball?

The last thing we need is too rush him back for that early July timetable only to see him get back in the same predicament he was in before.

Hey… What Mets fan wouldn’t love to see a healthy Santana back on the mound this season? I can understand that and I totally relate to you.

But, all I’m saying is to approach this with extreme caution and to do what is best for the Mets in 2012 and beyond, especially if this season ends up continuing as it has with the Mets sitting in last place.

Don’t bring him back at 80% effectiveness or 85% or 95%. If it takes all the way until September for him to be at 100%, then so be it.

Let’s do away with the old way of doing things and committ to handling these player rehabs better and “smarter” than we did before.