Mets Need A Win, Schedule Gets Very Tough This Week

Coming off the 6 game winning streak we really need to find a way to win today’s game against Cliff Lee. Following up that streak with a 4 game losing streak almost erases all of the progress we just made. It is important for the confidence of this team going forward.

It is also important because things don’t get any easier this coming week, even though we are heading home. The defending champion San Francisco Giants come to town, followed by the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the scorching Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp. Then just when we think we can take a breather, we head off to Colorado for a 3 game set. That is 9 games against some of the best teams the National League has to offer.

I have a feeling that this stretch is going to make or break our season. Coming into today, we are 4 games under .500. If we can survive this 9 game stretch, and maybe go 5-4, we can remain in striking distance. But, if we struggle, and go 3-6, we could be right back where we started before our 6 game winning streak, sitting about 7-8 under .500.

We can compete with these teams, but not if players like Mike Pelfrey and David Wright don’t play to their capabilities. Both of these players are supposed to be leaders, Pelfrey as the anointed ace, and Wright as the number 3 hitter. Right now it looks as though both players may be playing themselves out of their prominent roles.

The next week and a half could define our season. If we struggle and start to go backwards again, entering the middle of May Sandy may begin to make some moves. He already said last week, before the winning streak, that he had called 12 teams to put feelers out there. If this team stumbles again, we could see the break up of this roster begin.