Mets Get Aced In 2-0 Loss Against Giants

Game Summary

The pitching was there tonight, but offense was nowhere to be found. Capuano had a nice start, bullpen held up well, but Lincecum and bullpen just proved to be too much for the Mets offense.

Game Notes

Chris Capuano did a great job on the mound with 6.1 innings pitched and only two runs allowed on eight hits. Three walks and five hits also go under his belt along with his third loss. He pitched well, but Lincecum pitched better.

The bullpen, comprised of Gee and Igarashi, combine for 2.2 shutout innings. Nice work after the pen blew it last time.

The offense was where the Mets really faltered. A total of six hits and no runs to show for it. Times where the wrong call was made, along with Lincecum’s 12 Ks keep the Mets from scoring. Beltran and Murphy each had a double, and there were plenty of other times to score a run as 9 runners were left on base. Ike, Beltran, Murphy, and Paulino all get a pass today, but the rest of the offense was as weak as possible.

David Wright also made his third error of the season

Turning Point

It was all zeros until the sixth inning where the Giants struck first.

Game Ball

Beltran had two nice hits, including a stretched double and the only one not to strikeout.

Up Next

Mike Pelfrey looks to get himself back on track as he takes on the Giants in the final game of the series. He goes up against a possible future Met, Jonathon Sanchez. Game time is 1:10 PM.