Mets Fans And Yankee Fans Have A Mutual Dislike For Each Other

Over the past few seasons a lot of the talk has been about how the Subway Series has lost it’s juice.  People say it’s not the same anymore.  Radio personalities say that once it moved from 3 games a year to 6 games,  and now alternating stadiums every year, that it became diluted. I disagree with all of that.

The Subway Series is a time for New Yorkers to engage in friendly banter.  Whether it has become somewhat diluted with all of the games being played, it is still the talk of the town.  The most important aspect of the rivalry between the two teams is that Mets and Yankees fans have mutual dislike for each other.

The Yankee fans look at Mets fans as their inferior.  They look at us like a little dog nipping at their heals, like we are their little annoying brother.  They feel like they are the toast of the town, especially since they have won 27 world titles, to our 2.  They took our past greats in Doc and Straw and went on to win titles with them.  They have also taken other fan favorites such as Robin Ventura, Todd Zeile, Pedro Feliciano and Al Leiter who is in the broad cast booth.

Mets fans ultimately dislike the Yankee fans because of their arrogance.  Yankee fans always throw how many titles they have won in our face.  They ask us when was the last time we won a World Series?  They reference how we met in 2000 and lost in 5 games to them.  We dislike them because they always win!  They sign the biggest and best free agents.  We dislike them because they can outspend their mistakes, such as Pavano and Kei Igawa, and just buy more replacements.  When they need something, they can always trade for it at the deadline.  Cliff Lee was the first player that I can remember not to take the Yankees money, and I commend him for that, even though he wound up in a worse spot playing for the Phils.  Players like Damon and CC sold out, saying they did not want to play there in CC’s case, or Damon fleeing to his bitter rival once he left Boston.

I root against the Yankees in every way.  I know why I do it too, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I am jealous of them and their organization.  Where is our Derek Jeter?  Well, his name is Jose Reyes, and were going to have to let him walk!  Would the Yankees ever let that happen, if they had a 27 year old superstar at shortstop, NEVER!  I don’t want an all-star at every position like they do, and I don’t want to buy my championships like they do either.  I am just jealous that their homegrown guys like Cano, MO, Posada and Jeter will all stay with the team until the end, and contribute at an all-star level.  They just run a more professional organization then we do, and above all else, all they do is win.  If they start to falter, or have some holes, they just go out and get what they need and keep chugging.  I’m not asking to be them, I just am jealous that they always find a way to make things work, where we always find to way to go in the wrong direction.  Hopefully that will change with Sandy, but aside from the occasional 2006 and 2000 seasons, most years are left looking forward to next season.

All of these things contribute to the rivalry.  It is great for the fans, and over the past few seasons of bitter disappointment, beating the Yankees is one of the major highlights for Mets fans.  As we both come into this series, nothing else in baseball matters for the next 3 days.  It’s Yankees versus Mets, and title of the town for 2011 is up for grabs!

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