Memo To Fred Wilpon: Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Dear Fred Wilpon,

When you were a child, didn’t your mother ever teach you that when you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

In all seriousness this was a mistake on Mr. Wilpon’s part. The Mets are currently 2 games below .500 and by no means out of it this season. Sandy Alderson has been on record saying he believes this team can win now. Mid-season trades are looking less and less likely to happen everyday this team stays in contention. But in the event the team begins to fall farther out of contention, now what?

Wilpon just openly ripped his 3 best offensive players in the media. If you are trying to trade any of these guys come July 31st, now your bargaining position could be faltering.

Wilpon basically calls Reyes an oft-injured player with zero chance to land Carl Crawford money. He says he has had “everything wrong with him.” While I agree he won’t get 142 million dollars, he will very likely break 100 million if his career year continues on current pace. Then what? Jose Reyes leaves and we get a 1st round draft pick and a sandwich round pick? All because you are too incompetent to resign him because of his injury riddled past? That’s silly in my opinion. He’s a fan favorite. Wilpon and Co. should be doing everything in their power to bring Reyes back after 2011. You think Citi Field is empty now? Wait until you let Jose Reyes sign with the Angels. However I still think Reyes is a Met in 2012. Not changing my long withstanding opinion over this media stupidity.

It also makes no sense to rip Carlos Beltran. If the Mets fall out of contention he may very well be your best trade chip. As owner of the team your job is to increase his value, not decrease it. Our rebuilding process may very well be helped by dealing Beltran for a prospect or two. We need to sell him as the player he has showed us he can be in 2011. The last thing owners should be doing is his hurting his value in the media.

And last but not least we come to David Wright. I’m going to keep this short and sweet. HOW DO YOU RIP THE FACE OF YOUR FRANCHISE?!?!? “David Wright is NOT a Superstar”…Umm I’m pretty sure he is. He’s been a top 3 player at his position for the best 5-6 years. That qualifies as a Superstar in my book. Not to mention the fact he’s the face of our franchise. Without a doubt he’s the Mets Derek Jeter. It’s just plain stupidity no matter how you look at it.