Jose Reyes Loves New York, Says It’s Perfect Town For Him

Steve Serby of the NY Post intreviews Jose Reyes for his Serby’s Sunday series. Here are just a few of the questions asked, but check out the full three page interview here.

Q: Carl Crawford signed a seven-year, $142 million deal with the Red Sox. Does it have to be seven years for you? Could it be less?

A: Right now I don’t think about that. I’m not a free agent yet (laughs). It’s gonna be after this year, so I don’t put that kind of thought in my mind. I’m just gonna continue to put up good numbers and help this team to win a lot of ballgames.

Q: Why do you love playing in New York so much?

A: I feel like I’m playing home here, because you’re going to have fans from everywhere. A lot of Dominican people live here around New York. It’s made me comfortable. I love the fans here because they’re going to be in the stadium with a lot of energy.

Q: Do you think the best of Jose Reyes is yet to come?

A: I think I’m still getting better. The injuries slowed me down a little bit, but now I’m feeling good. I feel 100 percent. I think I’m still getting better because I’m still 27 years old.

Q: Mets fans call the radio stations and talk about not wanting you to leave.

A: They just want me here, because they know I play the game the right way, and I try to give you everything that I have to this team, and to put a good show on the field. I’m the guy who plays hard every single day so I think the fans like that. When you give 100 percent every day, everybody’s going to like that. They see me healthy now. . . . This year they see the real Jose Reyes.

Q: Does your wife (Katherine) want you to stay a Met?

A: Yeah, she don’t want me to go nowhere. We live here for a long time.

Q: Do you think Jose Reyes and New York are a perfect marriage?

A: (Laughs) Probably yes.

Q: Because?

A: Everybody wants to be here in New York, no doubt. This is a perfect town for me right now. But I don’t know if it’s going to be like that in the future. For now, yes.

Q: A message from you to all the Mets fans who want you to stay here.

A; (Laughs). That I don’t have that decision, but I love to stay here. I continue to contribute to this team and to put on a good show for the fans.