Getting Some Things Off My Chest

I swear, sometimes I think this team is cursed…

It doesn’t matter who writes out the lineup cards or who runs things upstairs, disaster is never too far away and always manages to seek us out.

So David Wright has a stress fracture in his lower back, Ike Davis has his foot wrapped up and is hobbling down to Florida where Bobby Parnell is still rehabbing and Johan Santana is just now getting re-acquainted with a pitching mound again after a ten month hiatus.

If I had told you before the season started, that Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran would be the only two Mets starting position players not to spend time on the DL, you would have had me institutionalized. But yet, that’s how the first six weeks of the season has gone so far for the Mets, as Angel Pagan, Jason Bay, Ronny Paulino, Bay and Wright have hit the skids or in Wright’s case about to hit the skids.

Last night’s loss was a stunner, not so much that we lost, but I mean who expected before the game that Mike Pelfrey would beat the Florida Marlins with Josh Johnson on the mound no less?

The fact that Johnson left his “A Stuff” in Miami and that Pelfrey never realized he was pitching against the Marlins, seemed like lady luck was finally smiling down on us and that we would pull out a win. But then Terry Collins happened.

What in the world was Collins thinking last night? Could it be he was still suffering from the lingering effects of dealing with the loss of David Wright a two week stretch or longer? Clearly some of his moves last night were eerily reminiscent of one – Jerry “Da Gangsta” Manuel.

Having Chin-lung Hu pinch hit for Willie Harris?

I’m no fan of Willie Harris, but Hu was batting .050 for crying out loud! 

Plus you had a short bench!

And what was the deal with batting your clean-up hitter Jason Bay, not once, but TWICE???? 

Thankfully, Alderson was fed up as well and to make sure Hu never pinch hits again, he booted Hu’s ass off the team and onto the Buffalo shuttle immediately after the game. Good riddance. But you get some blame too Sandy – for practically guaranteeing Hu the job before Spring Training even started… Don’t even tell me Hu earned the job, because we all know he didn’t.

Speaking of Spring Training, it looks like a lot of wrongs are being righted. Brad Emaus is gone, obviously Hu as well, and it’s nice to see two players I thought should have made the team, now on the team and contributing in big ways. I’m talking about Justin Turner and Mike O’Connor.

Everybody is entitled to a bad day, and managers have them too. I’m willing to give Collins a pass on last night befuddling moves and hope these types of moves are kept to a bar minimum the rest of the way. At least, that’s the hope.]

Finally, what’s the deal with Twitter? Is it taking over the world and the way we live our lives and integrate with the rest of society? Every time I turn around there’s someone somewhere writing about Twitter. I rarely ever go onto Twitter. Last year I watched a few games while tweeting, but when I saw all the hating going on, and all the unfunny one-liners and wise-cracks, I knew this definitely wasn’t for me.

But seriously, who cares if Josh Thole is or isn’t on Twitter, or if Doc Gooden is on Twitter?  So what? What does any of this have to do with the game? Maybe I’m just being dense, but whenever I try to re-engage with Twitter, after reading a few tweets, I just get so horribly turned off by the acrimonious dialogs all aimed at the Mets, the front office, the manager and coaches, and most of all the players. I’ll run our site’s feed on Twitter and once in a blue moon I’ll even login and say hello, but geesh the hatin’ is way over the top.

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