Gary Carter’s Smile

I will never forget Gary Carter’s Smile – during his tenure at the Mets, we saw a lot of the happy face of their catcher. He just seemed to be so glad to be where he was, behind the plate at Shea Stadium.

And, of course, he was a fine catcher or he wouldn’t have ended up at Cooperstown, would he. He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in 2003

The other fact I remember so much about Gary was his family – he has been married to Sandy, his wife since 1975. They have three children – Christy, Kimmy and D.J. and three grandchildren. They live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Gary has a foundation which seeks to ‘better the physical, mental and spiritual well – being of children’ in Palm Beach County by using the “Reading Counts” program.

The news of his illness spread like wild fire over the last few days, similar to the Bobby Murcer news of a few years ago.

I’m sure that everyone who reads MMO has a happier Gary Carter story of his days at Shea Stadium with the New York Mets.

Would you share your Gary story with the rest of us?