Exclusive Interview with MetsBlog’s Michael Baron

I’m pleased to present a Q&A I recently conducted with Michael Baron of MetsBlog. Like a lot of us, Michael is a very passionate Mets fan who eats, drinks, and sleeps Mets.  As we all know, he does an amazing job covering the Mets on a variety of levels, whether its through his contributions on MetsBlog, his spectacular photography, or through his in-game tweets on Twitter. Michael finds a variety of ways to not only cover the Mets, but also share his immense passion for them.

In this exclusive interview, Michael was very kind enough to answer questions about his website, photography, and of course, MetsBlog. 

Brandon Butler:  Can you give our readers a short bio about yourself?

Michael Baron:  Well, I have been a Met fan since 1985, which is when I attended my first game at Shea Stadium. I have been fortunate to witness many memorable moments at Shea Stadium, including Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, Todd Pratt’s Division Series clinching home run in 1999 as well as Robin Ventura’s grand slam single, plus the entire 2006 postseason.

Brandon Butler: For you, whats it been like writing for the biggest Mets blog on the internet, while at the same time working with the Matthew Cerrone?

Michael Baron:  It’s been an amazing experience. It’s fun to be able to talk about what’s passionate to me on a grand stage like MetsBlog, and to be able to discuss my knowledge and experience with so many people.  Matt is great to work with and is so helpful. I have learned so much from him about online and social media while writing MetsBlog, and he has helped to guide me on my own endeavors as well.

Brandon Butler:  I’ve been reading the blog over the past couple weeks, and noticed Brian Erni is the new guy on the MetsBlog team. Can you give our readers a short bio of Brian, and what he is going to be doing for MetsBlog in the future?

Michael Baron:  Yes Brian is new to MetsBlog, and it’s exciting to have him on the team. He brings passionate logic to us, which is a different perspective for me because sometimes I find myself being simply passionate about the team.

Brandon Butler:  How did you get started in photography?

Michael Baron:  The first game I ever photographed was a Spring Training game in Tampa between the Astros and Yankees, when I was on a college recruiting tour in 1998. I shot it in black and white and really enjoyed the perspective it brought for me, because I was looking for different things inside the game to shoot.  I got my first digital point and shoot camera in 2002, and from then on, I have shot mostly every game I’ve attended. Through the years, I have been able to upgrade my equipment which has given me better quality as well as different opportunities with my photographs.

Brandon Butler:  Can you tell our readers about your website michaelgbaron.com?

Michael Baron:  I am still working on the direction and the message I am trying to convey with the site, but it is the primary resource for all of my sports photographs, which has spanned nine years. It contains mostly Mets photographs, but I have also shot football and hockey, as well as other Spring Training camps from around Florida.

Brandon Butler:  One final question.  I’ve seen a lot of photos of the Mets that you’ve taken, but if you had to choose one picture that would be your absolute favorite, which one would you choose and why? 

Michael Baron: On Opening Day in 2010, I shot a sequence of Johan Santana pitching. He has such great mechanics, and I was fortunate to snap one shot of him just as he was about to release a pitch. That is definitely one of my favorite shots.

For more information on Michael and his photography, you can visit his website HERE.  He has some of the best photos of the Mets you’ll ever see, and I highly recommend you check them out. They really are amazing. You can also check out Michael, Matt and the rest of the MetsBlog crew at MetsBlog.com as well.