Could The Mets Be Buyers At Trade Deadline?

Rich Couthino of MetsBlog and WFAN had an interesting post in which he says we should not be surprised if the Mets are not sellers at the trade deadline, but instead buyers. He also believes that Jose Reyes will still be with the Mets in 2012.

Here is part of what he wrote, but I encourage you to read his entire post at WFAN.

As each day passes, I really believe Reyes will be here in 2012 knowing the fly in the ointment could be team finances. But even that could improve shortly if a minority owner is brought in. And judging by the actions of all of the players involved, including Commissioner Selig, you get the feeling that will occur before the All-Star break.

So that gets us back to the original question: Will the Mets be sellers at the deadline?

I say no for a number of reasons, including the fact that the NL is devoid of dominant teams aside from the Phillies and Rockies. There is a clear class distinction. Just about every other NL team sits in that second plateau with very little difference between them. 40 games is not a huge sample size but it also can not be ignored as these teams are all the same–incomplete packages with serious deficiencies in one aspect.

The Mets clearly have little starting pitching but possess a very good lineup, coupled with a surprisingly efficient bullpen. They remind me a lot of both the 1997 and 2005 Mets. Those were not playoff teams but stayed in the race for the wild card into the season’s final month — and I honestly think this group could do that.

I agree with Rich, and his thought process is sound in that there does not appear to be much dominance in the NL this season. As it stands now, even with the terrible start the Mets are just 5.5 games behind in the Wild Card standings and another 5-6 game winning streak could change the outlook and give the team more confidence as they fight through this myriad of injuries.

I’m always optimistic when it comes to the Mets, but always I do proceed with caution and I keep my expectations tempered. The Mets may not make the post season when all is said and done, but as long as they have a fighting chance they have to stay engaged in the battle and not retreat.

How do you feel about that?

If the Mets are in the thick of it come July 31, do you still want them to move Carlos Beltran or K-Rod, or do you want them to keep battling straight through?

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