Could Milton Bradley Make Sense for the Mets Bench?

Earlier this week, the Mariners designated CF Milton Bradley for assignment, as reported by MLB Trade Rumors

As we all know, the Mets bench has not been hitting the ball well offensively for most of the season.  Guys like Willie Harris, Chin-lung Hu and Scott Hairston have been struggling a lot at the plate. Jason Pridie seems to be the only player off the bench swinging a decent bat. With Milton Bradley on his way out of Seattle, this question comes to mind:  

Could Milton Bradley make sense for the Mets bench?

Right now, the Mets have very little depth on the bench and there’s not much to choose from. They can call guys up and down, but it only ends up being a short-term solution. 

As The Legend of Cecilio Guante blog put it, if Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins want to continue their beliefs as far as holding people accountable, then they need to fix the issues with the bench.  Adding Milton Bradley would seem like an upgrade to me.

Even with his troubled past, I think that it’s worth the gamble to give Bradley a shot.  If Bradley acts up, Collins will definitely put him in his place, so I am not worried at all about that.  

Maybe a new home, and new coaches could point Milton Bradley back in the right direction.